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Corset-inspired Short Jacket, a seamless fusion of edgy and sophisticated details. With its sleek and abbreviated silhouette, this jacket exudes modernity, further accentuated by a front metal zipper. However, the true showstopper is its captivating collar, which infuses the design with a distinctive and intriguing charm. This exceptional garment effortlessly marries contemporary trends with timeless allure, making a bold fashion statement that is sure to turn heads.

Corset Jacket

€ 900,00Price
  • Measurements S

    Bust 88 CM

    Waist 68 CM

    Hip 92 CM


    Measurements M

    Bust 93 CM

    Waist 73 CM

    Hip 97 CM


    Measurements L

    Bust 98 CM

    Waist 78 CM

    Hip 102 CM

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